Cllr David O’Keefe: On resigning from the Climate Change Committee for using the C-Word!

In this short clip we speak to Councillor David O’Keefe. I think it’s safe to safe from our chat that David doesn’t feel he has been treated fairly. However it is also important to understand that this is David’s side of the story. We touch in this clip on the complaint about his resignation from the Climate Change Committee.

David’s version is confirmed in Liam Thorpe’s story in the Echo last year.

“Regarding the remarks that I made at the Climate Commission meeting, I would like to apologise for the words used. They were not aimed at any particular individual but they should not have been aired by myself.

“I was in a great deal of physical pain during the meeting and uttered those word when reaching for some pain relief tablets. I was near the microphone when those words were uttered and unfortunately it was on.”

In fact Liam writes “he was heard saying ‘c***s’ at its first meeting”.

The use of the phrase “he was heard”, which uses the third person, indicates that the comments were not directed at anyone in particular

The question I ask, is should it have been treated as an honest but embarrassing mistake?