Studio Rental

by Kelza Pilkington
Studio Rental

£500 + VAT - Half-Day Podcast Rental

Whether you want to create a podcast, make a tutorial video, advertise a product, or display your skills and creativity, our studio is sure to have what you need. With our range of audio and video equipment, lighting and set design elements, we can help you to create videos that will blow your audience away. Not clued up on filming and editing? Worry not, our team is on hand to assist every step of the way! Alternatively, you might be interested in one of our courses, where we can teach you how to do it yourself!

Video Podcast

Up to one hour video podcast. We also edit upto 5 smaller clips with thumbnails for easy sharing on social media.


We give you a full audio version for uploading to your favourite podcasting platform

Live stream to Zoom or Teams

The podcast can broadcast to a Zoom or Teams meeting with the ability to talk with remote guests